Should Stop Activity (Re Framework?)

Does the Should Stop activity have to be used in Re Framework? I know it only works when stopped from the orchestrator but wondering do you also have to use Re Framework as it doesn’t seem to be working for me for a process that does not use Re Framework

You must catch info when should stop signal has been send.
So you must handle this manually.
Activity should stop only receiving info from Orchestrator and do nothing more (changing bool value from False to True).

What do you mean by catch info? A message box for the true value? Does the below look right?

If under flow decision I can find expression “Should Stop”, yes, it is the correct way of using this.

Can you please explain? How do you mean under the flow decision? I have a boolean variable in the should stop activity (see below)

I also have this same variable in my flow decision (see below)

Is this right?

Yes it is