Should I use Reframework state machine / enhanced Reframework?

I was able to create automation for a desktop application. I used So all of my data is in a configurable spreadsheet but runs in a specific sequence one by one, like a loop. These are products that need to be configured according to a sales on a website, but they are done using desktop software which puts the data into a USB stick (not saving data, but creating a USB hardware dongle).

But my challenge is this now: I need to sync cypress with UIPath, so something like:
Cypress to Orchestrator Cloud> Orchestrator API to a specific machine with UIpath robot > UIpath to Cypress via API

My challenge is that my data is hardcoded in the spreadsheets and I would like Cypress to control UIpath based on specific data, so the data doesn’t come from this local machine anymore, it could be 1 transaction or 10, but I think that will be a problem because my UIpath runs a loop of 20 rows by itself. Also, if there is a glitch in timing, they could be out of sync

Should I use this?