Should I upgrade Orchestrator 2019.10.18 version to a newer version?

hi, I have an on premise version of the orchestrator. Will upgrading to a newer version affect the loss of saved settings?

For any updates on premise you may want to backup your configuration.

No generally speaking if things go well, Settings, etc. will be maintained.

You’ll also want to review the Upgrade documentation for the version you are migrating from and the version you are migrating to. As well depending on how old your current componetns are you may want to review your Projects/Processes to ensure they don’t have any incompatible dependencies.

One of the links above is specific to the Automation Suite, however if you are just looking at Orchestrator please review the documentation for Installation and Upgrating/Migrating.

The other link is also for 2019 which is out of date and will be missing references to newer configuration files, etc.

Largely you’ll want to review what your infrastructure looks like to determine what components you want to backup and how. For example you might already be doing snapshots of your database and have a process in place, or a VM Snapshot for the Orchestrator nodes. You’re NuGet packages might already be in a NFS or another storage solution and not local, etc. Even if you have these things in place, it would also depend on how easy it is to restore or if you’re company has processes in place etc.

(In my case while the Database and VMs are backed up by our core Infrastructure group during our Change Controls it’s easier and faster for me to create fresh snapshots and restore them compared to submitting a request to the responsible team to restore theirs).

Thank you for your very valuable tips. I currently have the orchestrator 2019.10.18 version. Do you recommend updates or still stay with it?

Based on the , the UiPath Extended Support will end on November 11 2022. After that day, you are responsible for troubleshooting and fixing various issues.

In conclusion, upgrade your Orchestrator to a newer version that has a higher support date.

Not to mention all the awesome features you would be gaining with a jump to 2020 let alone 2021 or 2022!