Should I avoid to let a sequence being too long?

Just wondering the readable of the process and every expert’s experience of the uipath.
My question is I after I finished the process, it always has some parts of my process being too difficult to read. Including making a sequence being too long, or some processes are too wide. It’s not readable and hard for debugging.

Could anyone give me some advice or some tips to improve my process?
Is it helpful by using a state machine or flowchart inside the scope

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @opas1216

I think all three processes are just fine.

You can use flowchart if you ant to visualize the flow. But even in sequences proper naming conventions and use of annotation, logging can you help you in a clear process view.

Go through these you will have a even better understanding



Lets go one by one

It’s not in our side and it’s purely based on the process buddy and if the mat process insists that we need to go for such big sequence of workflow
And for this

While we are in big process it’s alwasy better to have LIG MESSAGE ACTIVITY with PROPER LOG MESSAGES AS STRING which will help us to debug with our logs in orchestrator or the logs in the output panel that helps us to go in a right direction to debug the process during Exception
And while taking handling of Exception it’s always better to go for TRY CATCH BLOCK activity usage
Where we can keep whole sequence of process in TRY block and if any exception occurs it will go directly to catch and that won’t stop the execution of process rather will continue with our process with the next step

And finally flowchart or state…that’s a good question if we have lot of application integrated with our process it’s better to go for REFramework as it has a good way to handle more number of application
While if we have more decision making with less number of application integrated the. Flowchart

Hope this would help you
Cheers @opas1216