Should I add Main DLL only to NugetPackageExplorer?

When creating custom Activities (nupkg), should I only add the main DLL file to NugetPackageExplorer’s lib folder…
Or is it required to include the auxillary DLLs as well?

For example, having compiled a CustomActivityX in Visual Studio I get CustomActivityX.dll But having used 3rd party extensions like CsvHelper the folder also built a CsvHelper.dll file and a bunch of other DLLs from other libraries.

So can I ignore these other DLL files like CsvHelper.dll and just add CusomActivityX.dll to NugetPackageExplorer or should I add both (or the other DLLs as well) to the lib folder?

Hi Shira!

You need to add all the DLLs to the lib folder as well. Refer to this link:

Hope it helps,
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