(shortcut) Trick to stop UiPath Robot while running



What is the use case

Sometimes when you work on bigger projects, when you do test runs, you have to stop the robot in middle.

UiPath provides 2 ways to stop a robot while running in studio.

  1. click on the Stop button in task bar. (Most of the times, the robot will not give enough time to use mouse to reach the stop button)
  2. use shortcut (F12) to stop the robot while running. (But it will work only when the studio window is activated.)

It would be an effective solution if there is a global shortcut which allows to stop the robot in middle.

I searched the forum to find if someone has found an easy workaround, but found nothing.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

So I created a small solution myself and thought of sharing it to help others.

Here are the steps

  1. Download the batch file from below link

  2. Place it to a folder in you PC.

  3. Create a shortcut to your desktop

  4. Go to properties of the shortcut file and add a hotkey for the shortcut file.

  5. Press the hotkey whenever you wish to stop the robot.

Note : This batch file will stop the ‘uiRobot.exe’ process, basically it will stop the robot.

Scope: Template, Reusable Component, Custom Activity______



We are considering to add this in the product. What keys have you guys used for stopping the process?


I would prefer windows + s


Thanks for consideration. It’s a solution we are using on daily basis. It will helpful for other developers as well.

I’m using CTRL + SHIFT + U (U is used just to easily remember it’s to stop Uipath)

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