Shortcut to start a process

From the docs I see that the published processes can be run from cmdline by -p or -process followed by a process name.

I have a development robot that has a process, runnable from orchestrator or from the tray. I would like to create a shortcut to run that process, so I call the UiRobot.exe -p MyProcess and it just responds with the available argument types for the binary like file, connect, etc… And this p/process is not listed. I tried to switch the robot type from development to attended and unattended still the same. Is this p deprecated or how should I use it?

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what you can do is create a shortcut to UiRobot.exe and pass it the full file path to the process as an argument.

That is the link I provided in the question and it doesn’t have a full path mention or given in the example…

This is the example from the documentation:
UiRobot.exe -p SpreadsheetData

To my understanding a process name is a process that is registered in the robot agent and can be called just by the process’s name. I don’t get the meaning of full path if we are not talking about files. For files we have the -f or -file parameter that serves to give xaml/project.json/nupkg file to the UiRobot.

I have the process from orchestrator, so how would I give a full path to a process?