Short Explanation Needed

Hi Guys,

i need your help in explaining something about the technical functionality about UiPath.
In the web I found out that UiPath is based on Kibanna, Elasticsearch and SharePoint.

Could you guys give me a quick explanation on how exactly?
More Detailed Question e.g for SharePoint: Doesn’t SharePont simply store folders online where everyone can have access… how can sth be based on that.

Thank you!!

UiPath is not based on any of those.

Kibana and ElasticSearch can be used to store logs and create dashboards from them if you wish. My company doesn’t currently use either, we just use the native logging mechanism which works great for our needs.

UiPath can interact with SharePoint if you wish, but as far as I know it is just like any other windows app. Where did you read that UiPath was based on SharePoint?

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