Ship to answer the question in create form activity

Hi, @supermanPunch sir,
I want to skip the questions in the create form while running the form.


the form contains 28 questions broken up into 4 categories, each containing 7 questions.
the sum of the score earned by the user is assigned to the variables called cnt1Score,cnt2Score,cnt3Score,cnt4Score

If I tried to skip any question it shows an error like this

RemoteException wrapping System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

Is there any way that I can skip the question without affecting the execution or getting an error like this?

@swathi_sakthi ,

What should be the Score of that container if none of the questions are answered in that ?

Can we make the score as 0 for these cases ?
If so, then we can use the below Expression instead :

jObj("Cnt1").ToObject(Of JObject).Properties.Where(Function(x)x.Name.Contains("q")).Sum(Function(x)CDbl(if(x.Value.ToString.IsNumeric,x.Value,0)))

Let us know what should be done for this cases then we can finalise the implementation for it.

Also attaching the source of How this Topic was formed :

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Yeah sir, we can make the score as 0.
I tried your expression. But I got the error like this


I tried something, but I still get the error. I don’t know what to do.

@swathi_sakthi ,

Could you add .ToString before .IsNumeric and check if that works ?

The Expression in the above post is also updated.

Yeah sir,
Now it is working perfectly sir. :partying_face:
Thank you :dizzy:

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