Shift control to another tab in Browser



In a website, when I click on a link it is opening in a new tab. And I capture an element to click on that new TAB. But Ui path is throwing “Selector Not Found” exception while running.

How can I switch the control from one tab to another tab in a Chrome browser?

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Hi @krishnakanth.k,

Just send a hot key combination to active window tab of browser.

The hotkey combination of Ctrl + PgDown Will take u to next tab.

Ctrl + PgUp will take u back to original tab.

1st of all , is Chrome necessary ?? Please go for Internet Explorer 11 as it will atleast work fine and will prevent u from last moment disappointments.

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Yes. It needs chrome. Because the page is not loading properly in IE…


hotkeys also not working. It is showing the same error. When I click on the link, it will open a new tab. And chrome is showing new tab. But click event is not working on that new tab. But, if I navigate to that URL directly without opening the home page, click events are working.


Hi Prassin,

I’ve used “Attach Browser”. And, It’s working fine…