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Hi Guys,
I have to copy excel sheet to other files in many different folders more than 1000 files in folders?
for example:
1-sheet1 in file excel1 inside folder1
2-copy sheet1 to file excel2 inside folder2 + file excel sheet3 inside folder3…etc


Use for each folder in folder and then for each file in folder and use copy sheet inside it …to copy the sheet to each file in each folder


I have different file name in different folder name how can I put the path for each one

Hi @Dhiaa-ABM ,

Take a look at this thread. It helps to solve.


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Hi @Dhiaa-ABM

In for each folder in folder activity insert the for each file in folder then copy the sheet from the required excel fil.

I hope it may helps!!

I have more than 1000 file and folder in different name, how can we insert the folder and file path?

You have to give main folder name it contains 1000’s of subfolders

In For each folder in folder you have to give the folder path which contains 1000 of files.


  1. I hope all the folders are in a main folder…
  2. If yes then for each folder in folder with give you the iteration for all folders inside main folder
  3. Then use for each file in folder …you have filter options as well to filter only required using any pttern or extensions

If the structure is different then please let us know more details might help in understanding the pttern if any


Hi @Dhiaa-ABM

Can you try this-

  1. Iterate over each destination file/folder where you want to copy the sheet. You can achieve this by using a directory listing activity to get a list of files in the desired folders.
  2. Use the “Copy File” activity to create a copy of the source Excel file. Provide the source file path and the destination file path for copying.Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open the copied destination file.Add a new sheet: Use the “Add Data Row” activity to add a new sheet to the destination file. Provide the DataTable variable .