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I have already seen many articles on sharing UI automation. They all say we can just zip the file and share it via email.

This doesn’t work in my case.
I made small automation zip the project folder with project.json file and share it via email but when my other person open the automation we have seen "Image not found " in many clicks and type intos. When tried running the automation it says unable to find objects…

I think it is unable to find a particular object on the website…

Help me how to fix this.

PS: I am very new to this UI path. This is my first automation and sharing itself.

Thanks in advance.


This is because you didn’t zip all the folders

As the screenshots of the activities will store in .screenshots folder, so include all the supporting folders like .objects, .screenshots, .settings, xaml files, project.json files

This will resolves your issue

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Before zipping the folder, try Checking “Show all hidden folders”, And then zip the files.
It will include the Screenshot folder then.

Hope this will help you.


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