Sharing data between startjob call and webhook for job completion

I am integrating my application with UIPath orcehstartor using orchestrator APIs and webhooks.
I have a requirement as below :
Steps that happen in my application flow

  1. When a new entity in my application is created, my application generates an entity ID.
  2. Just after the entity creation, i want to trigger a uipath job using StartJob API
  3. I have a webhook configured to notify my application on job completion.

I want a mechanism to pass the entity ID at the time of Job Creation to the orchestrator, and get it back when the webhook for the corresponding job completion will be invoked. This will help me identifying the right entity to update on the completion of the job.

one way to achieve this is to updating all my automation to take the entity type as input and return the same as output but it will require me to update all my existing automations, and always adhere to this contract while writing any new automations.
Is there a better way?


My first thought would be to look at the UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs part of the response will include the JobId, does the webhook also return the jobId in its payload? This could remove the need for passing and returning a custom [entity] ID.

Do keep in mind that if you start a Job that initials multiple jobs concurrently or frequency, each one would have a different ID.

Hello Neernitw,
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