SharePointCustomActivity compile, packaging, redistribution help?

(This is bit advanced topic but somehow I can not add new topic to that forum…)

There is bit shortage with UiPath and Sharepoint interactions so it is nice that someone did barebones custom activity for that. However, as package is not available as ready-to-use I need some help to get it work better.

And yes, I have read custom activities guides but there are so limited and leave lot to desire for real world applications.

So far I have managed to compile the source with Visual Studio Community 2017, packaged it with Nuget Package Explorer and after some effort it run fine in my local UiPath Studio.

However, every step has some caveats and it would be really nice to get some more experienced to help with this process (I imagine some other would like to use this custom activity)

(I’m not author of this source / project)
Author and source → GitHub - srinivasadotnet/SharePointCustomActivity: Perform operations on SharePoint List

First caveat was with VS2017…project defaulted to .NET Framework 4.6.1 and produced lot of missing sharepoint.*.dll errors, switching to 4.5.2 version cleared errors… however I just tried it again and it compiled fine with 4.6.1 ?? (Something I installed while trying to figure what is missing?)

Second was the Nuget packaging, project produced lot of dll files in release folder and whatever I included all dll’s or just custom activity it did not work. So what is the right way??

There were lot of dll errors when I tried to get this custom activity to work in Studio and managed it to work when including all project dll’s to nuget package and after UiPath Studio “unzipped” package to “C:\Users\xxxxxx.nuget\packages” copied all other dll’s to lib folder that was there.

And it was even more difficult to get package to work in system that did not have VC2017 installed, even more dll errors. (which could be fixed by tracing all missing dll’s and copying them in that unpacked activity “lib” folder…

End result should be package that includes all needed and info how to install or get all dependencies (dll’s) for target system… (I’m not sure if Studio can load all needed itself or how this Nuget thing handles all this???)

This is really small project and fast to test if everything goes right, so please, consider helping if you have knowledge about these things.