Sharepoint send mail when a new file arrives


I want sharepoint to send this notification to me when a new file is added. how can I do it?

Hi @merve5
Are you looking for help on SharePoint feature to send notifications or do you plan to build a bot to do this?

Hi :slight_smile:
I want to build a bot to do this.


This can be done from Alerts, you should configure alert (Once) for which list or document library you want to receive notifications from. so any new item added, Sharepoint automatically send an email to the specified email address

chick this link from Microsoft


Hi everyone,

I want to use sharepoint alert email as trigger to start a process.

I use Get Outlook email with parameter “[subject] = xxx Or [sender] = xxx” but it cannot find relative emails.

I guess its the difference in the Outlook mail class:
-Normal mails are of Class: Message.
-SharePoint alerts mails are of Class: Sharing Message.

Any thoughts for automation?

Hi, Thank you so much!

But I can not see “Alert Me” button in my sharepoint. I guess, my company blocked this. :frowning:

Do you have another idea?

Hello Merve,
no need to automate, It is a SharePoint feature which should be enabled by SharePoint administrator.

can you try Power Automate to create a flow for sending email when a new file created.
## Microsoft Power Automate

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