SharePoint list unable to update

below is the sharepoint list column names. but add list item. is giving following error
Add list item: Column ‘Date-Of-the-Request’ does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user. /sites/RPA-NF/Lists/OutboundNF

what could be the reason

you should use internal name.(below is the image to find internal name of column) :-
go to list setting → Click on column name [Column (click to edit)] → then you will see below image

enter image description here

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yea i agree with you… when i tried to use get list items and analysed the column name a similar name as marked above appeared!!
but this “yfkm” doesn’t mean anything . the thing is , infuture if they want to change the column then when i store this yfkm in a config file , its meaning less!

Can you create a new column - so that’s the only way to change an internal name of a column.

ok i can do it… infact my plan is to create a new sharepoint list via excel file having correct column names.

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but it seems to be a problem in the SharePoint list itself