Sharepoint list automation failing with Graph API

How to use queries in some of the MicrosoftOffice365 activities.
As well as how to correctly reference a sharepoint url and then iterate through its subfolders, move items around to different folders.
How to use graph API to create sharepoint lists?

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say sp url is :

sp url -
drivename - your document library name either get from site contents or generally its similar to what you see in url (drivename)
sub folder - folder1/folder2
query - file.xlsx

use this in find file to get the file.xlsx


Hi @Divya_Salve

Please try the below attached workflow for creating sharepoint lists & adding items to lists.
Application ID & Tenant Id are marked null. Please add your application credentials.

P.S : To add new items you need to have the necessary permissions (at least “Contribute” permissions) on the respective list. The full list of the permissions
are - (User permissions and permission levels in SharePoint Server - SharePoint Server | Microsoft Learn).

Main.xaml (12.5 KB)

Thank you @VijithaD

A small correction in the xaml

We should not be having add list items inside the for each list item loop I guess


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