Sharepoint extract

I have the below requirement, please help.

Need to extract requests data from the sharepoint and it has created date column as well. Now, if user enters number of days data is required as 60 then it has to check the created column and then extract the last 60 days data from current date.

By using data scraping activity, am able to extract 100 or 200 records but I need exact data based on the user input.

Is this possible using Data Scraping or any other activities? If yes, please explain.

If I am not understanding you wrong, do correct me :slight_smile:

The user enter’s 60 days it will need to scroll 60/7 times, as each page will have 7 days record!

Page data is inconsistent and If user enter 60 days then it has to extract the last 60 days request data from the sharepoint.

You will have to calculate the days in the scrapping manually each time you scrap the data… you obviously will extract a larger junk but you can stop it once the data is extracted for the number of days