Sharepoint DELETE activity doesn't work

I had to select the “microsoft_office365” tag because there’s noone for the Sharepoint activity.

The DELETE activity from Sharepoint simply DOESN’T WORK, or it does in a different, non-documented way, to all other related Sharepoint activities.

I’m able to CREATE and UPLOAD without any issues. The DELETE activity uses exactly the same parameters I’m using in the CREATE folder activity, which immediately follows my delete one (so, basically, I’m trying to DELETE a folder in Sharepoint before CREATING it so, in case it existed, it’s gonna get current time and date, that is, the “recreation” time&date instead of the original one). But it fails, throwing a “FILE NOT FOUND” error.

I’ve been trying even with empty folders (because the one I’m trying to delete is not empty and I have no idea -as, as usual, the docs don’t say anything about this- if that was the cause of error), with files, etc. I’ve also played a lot with the “Library Name” and “Item URL” parameter for the activity (even if, for coherency, they should be exactly THE SAME as in the CREATE FOLDER activity, which I’m using with those same parameters and it works flawlessy), and that all. But no luck.

2023-09-14 123910 file not found

Found out the “solution”.

After hours of trial and error, I found out just by chance that, in this activity, for whatever $%&(“$·(Q&%)”·$& nonsensical reason, the “Library Name” parameter had to be “Documentos Compartidos” in my case, NO MATTER IF THE SAME PARAMETER IN ANY OTHER ACTIVITY OF THE SHAREPOINT PACKAGE HAD TO BE SIMPLY “Documentos”, without anything else.

So in your case you better try with “Documents”, “Shared Documents”, your localized names for those combinations, and that all.

To further complicate things, in my case when I access the Sharepoint site, the name of the folder is furtherly localized, in this case to the local language, Catalan, so what I see is neither “Documentos” or “Documents” or “Documentos Compartidos” or “Shared Documents” but what I see is “Documents”:

Captura de pantalla 2023-09-14 132110 DOCUMENTS

Who’s the one to blame for this? I have my theory…