SharePoint.Activities upload large file failed Suddenly

I invoke the activity “upload large file” from the library named “UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activites”. To upload a small size excel file, then for long time always success. but from last week all the uploaded files’ size became 10MB in the SharePoint and can not be opened
the pop up error message is :Couldn’t open the Workbook We’re sorry, we couldn’t open your workbook. It’s possibly corrupt or using a file format that’s not supported

So why the issue happen , do the activity have any bugs?

Can you try to open the file in desktop Excel and see if it’s actually corrupted, or if there’s any issue with the file extension?

Hi @Eileen_Song

I think if you want to upload the file to Sharepoint. You can Use UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package instead of Sharepoint point Activity Package.
Microsoft office 365 package provide you many activities for Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Calendar, Planner, Groups, Productivity, Email, Files, Spreadsheets.
In this you will not get that files size error.

Hope this works,
Best Regards.