Shared Mailbox Email activities

Urgent Issue :

Can anyone help me to solve Shared mailbox activity.

Issue : I am reading an Emails (Unread) from Shared mailbox (Third party given me access ). After processing those emails I want to mark as read for that email Which I used for Process.

I am getting an below error.
Mark Outlook Mail As Read/Unread: Sorry, something went wrong. You may want to try again.

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Hey @pari_patel

Hope you have the access to do it, right ?


Yes, I have access.

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Any screenshot please, Also which activity are you trying to use ?

I am using Exchange mail activity to read emails because I am having an issue while using Outlook mail activity.

Which screenshot you need?

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The activity props and the error u faced.


I tired with below activities under for each loop and Error is Try again, I posted error in the Topic.