Share the experience about the Windows 11 for UiPath Studio

Hi all,
We know very well that Windows 11 has been released. Kindly share your working experience in Windows 11. Do you face any issues or any new IDE impact?

Thank you

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Hello Balamurugan,

this weekend I tried UiPath Studio 21.12.0-beta.7179 on Windows 11 Version 21H2 Build 22000.376. All works well so far. Installation without any problems and no impact for IDE visible. I created some Windows - Legacy (dotNET Framework) and Windows (dotNET 5) test workflows and there were no problems. All looks good.

Best regards

Hint: Cross-Reference to Community Edition on Windows 11


Thank you @StefanSchnell. I am going to start the install and testing this week.


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I have some issue with windows 11 and uiPath with the functionnality : Get Secure Credential. The form to enter information doesn’t appears. Did you have some fix about that ?
Thanks in advance

I’m just starting out with UiPath and doing some training. Some examples shown by my tutor for simple things like Ui Elements are difficult to replicate. I have another version of UiPath on another Pc with Windows 10, and it is easier to select things.

Eg just trying to change font on a windows 11 notepad is… beyond me.