Shar file activity

Hi I am using share file activity inorder to share the google worksheet in email, I have used



properties and file id as

Upload id having the file Id.

but activity is failing, error Share file not found. Can you help me with this issue?


Ideally you should be providing on the id …not the whole link


Just the FileId should work instead of the whole link. Hope this helps.

ID is not working it is giving same error

Click on the ‘+’ icon, click on ‘Url or Id’ and then provide the URL.

Thanks for the reply. It is giving me a different error

Share File/Folder: The request is not as expected by Google API.

Do I need to make any changes in gmail settings to resolve above issue?

Can you try updating the version of the GSuite Activity Package to the latest one?

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I updated still same error

Could you please share the screenshot of the activity? Do you have the connection set up?