Setup Robot on Machine without requiring orchestrator

Is there a way to install a robot on the machine without requiring to connect to orchestrator?


Yes, you can do if you have an enterprise Edition license of Attended Robot

Attended Robots can be installed without connecting to Orchestrator

But as the Name Attended said you have to run your process from the UiPath Assistant

Hope this may help you


Hey @Nelson.R

You can achieve this by using Enterprise Stand alone License. But it has his own limitations. But sure about your requirements, but you may mention a few.

You can have any license as stand-alone. Below link explains the topic in very concise manner.

Although it’s always suggested to have a orchestrator so that you can use Orchestrator features

@Srini84 @rahulsharma

Just to confirm the Enterprise Edition stand alone license is activated in Studio?

yes stand-alone licenses will be activated at your machine level. You’ll have to choose the option of stand-alone when you open the assistant or studio for the first time.

You’ll have to get in touch with your UiPath sales manager or the sales team to get assistance with regards to it.

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