Setup Robot and Schedule Task is not available in Studio 2018.4

Hi I had been testing Studio community version. I had setup Robot and created schedule to run Robot at certain interval. I don’t see tabs in the ribbon any longer. Has this be removed in 2108.4? How do I get those back? I don’t see them in Robot tray either. My old robot is still active and working - but can’t create any new one. I need the scheduler desperately - can some please help me getting it back. Thanks in advance,

Pretty sure that’s not the supported method anymore.

You just create a bat file and schedule with the windows scheduler.

I actually found that it’s not in Studio any longer - it’s now at Orchestrator level in I am all good now. Thanks.

Thanks, David. I will try this but I found they are now with Orchestrator. Please see my reposnse below.

Well if you run orchestrator definitely schedule there, it’s heaps easier.