Setup and environment of UiPath2017.1


I was used UiPathStudio 2016.2(NOT CommunityEdition).
And I set up the latest version of 2017.1 in this environment with default values, but please let me know some questions.

  1. Why does Studio arbitrarily become a Community Edition?
  2. It seems that it was divided into Studio and Robot, but can I do the following things?
    A) Develop on the machine on which Studio is set up.
    b) Run that xaml on the machine where only Robot setuped environment.
    *Since there is no Studio as before,but now there is no Run button.
    How do I use a robot? I don’t want to use Orchestrator, I wanna execute with Attended (FrontOffice).
    Can I create a shortcut and pass xaml’s path to that command line argument?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @flightboy

If you have installed the trial version(.msi):

  1. If you have a trial code, click Activate license and use it. If you’ve clicked on Start Free, the Trial is now the same with Community.
  2. a) Yes, you can develop on Studio machine(the UiPath Studio has a robot user service)
    b) Please check the Automation Projects when not connected to Orchestrator section in robot user guide. You could also use the command line Arguments: Arguments Description
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