Setting Up Your First Unattended Robot

I have used UIPath Community Edition for various small tasks and currently have a project in Studio that I run manually about once a week that goes out to some social media pages and captures things like current LinkedIn followers, Twitter followers, etc. and records these in an Excel file.

Instead of having to open UIPath every week and clicking the ‘Run’ button, it would be nice if there was a way I could set up an unattended robot that would just run on its own every week. However, I am unable to find any documentation on HOW to set up an unattended robot. The only documentation I can find explains what an unattended robot is and how its different from attended robots… I’ve tried figuring out how to set one up on my own, but have not been able to figure it out. Are there any walkthroughs/tutorials available on how to set up my first robot?

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no worries
yah thats absolutely possible with an option called SCHEDULE in orchestrator
by creating a robot in orchestrator and schedule that in orchestrator

here you go with the documentation on it from uipath
how to connect a robot to orchestrator
(here while selecting the robot type we can choose either development (recommended) or unattended)

how to schedule it to run in whatever time or day we want

Cheers @Allison_Matthews

Thanks Palaniyappan, I think I need something a little more step-by-step. I’ve created a robot, but it just says the status is ‘Disconnected’ and I can’t figure out how to get it to execute. I’ve set up a schedule, but it doesn’t work which I’m assuming is because the robot is disconnected. I really just need a full start to finish guide that I can practice with. I’m sure once I’m able to get a simple “Hello World” example, I would be able to figure it out from there.

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@Allison_Matthews Did you publish your process to Orchestrator?

Yes, as far as i can tell

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@Allison_Matthews Ok, great. Has the machine been added? That then gives the machine key to paste into UIRobot running on the defined machine.

Once that’s done, you should be able to ckick “Connect” and have it connect.

no worries
here you go with the steps
–First one, make sure a machine is created first which has a machine name similar to that of the machine name in the robot tray of your system where studio and robot is installed, i.e., the machine name in your machine must match with the name of the machine created in orchestrator and their key must be same as well
–Next, create a Standard robot (press the + symbol while creating robot in the robot tab where we got two options like standard and floating robot, click standard robot if we know the machine where we are going to run the robot) in the robot tab in orchestrator with the above created machine mentioning that in machine option while creating Standard robot
–once after creating the robot make sure that the robot is tagged to a environment and for this click on environment tab in robot tab of orchestrator and create a environment and add the above created robot to it… This is very important as only if this is done, the robots will get displayed when a process is run as you were trying to do
–we need to make sure that the domain and username that we have mentioned in the ROBOT creation is correct and for that go to CMD in your machine and type as whoami and get the username and domain and mention the same while creating robot…
–Then create a process in process tab with the environment which has the robot with which you want to execute (above created environment) and that is very important as only when we mention the right environment which is tagged with robot, then only we will be getting displayed with the robot list for the steps you were trying
–once after creating a robot make sure that machine key is mentioned in the robot tray and to get that tray in our system, go to start and type as uirobot and click on it
–click the settings in it, and enter the machine key that we copied from the machine tab in orchestrator and mentin the url as and connect now
–once connected create a schedule in the schedule tab in orchestrator

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Allison_Matthews

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Thanks Palaniyappan. I have followed your steps and they were very helpful. I’m certianly much closer to getting it to work. However, when I manually start a Job, it just says “Command sent…”, but doesn’t seem to do anything. When I open UIPath Robot on my local machine I see the process, but it doesn’t do anything… I checked the files the process is supposed to update, but they don’t get updated when I click Start…nor do I get any kind of error message


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were the correct machine and process is mentioned buddy

Can you rephrase that? I’m not sure what “were the correct machine and process is mentioned” means…

But I only have one machine and one process so yes they are correct

@Allison_Matthews What does the Job in Orchestrator say? Maybe there was an error.

@sagacity I looked at the job and I saw that the fileName property in the log was Main.xaml which was a blank process - which explains why it was executing but not actually doing anything. I went into Studio and set a different file as “main” and now it works correctly!

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Cheers @Allison_Matthews

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