Setting up variables for Data Tables

Hi- am on version 2019.2. When doing write range variable for the data table there is no option for Read/Write scope. I just see “Do” or option to call “Sequence 2” scope. Anyone else had this?
I am looking to change Scope from Do to Read/Write. I only see Sequence or Do in the scope drop down options

please help!


I did not understand your problem. Could you please explain in more detail or send me screenshot of your workflow.

HI @BotsRus

The scope is something that will help you to differentiate between what are the variables that can be used globally or like for a particular activity for example if you create a variable inside excel application scope it will be accessible only indie excel application scope if you want the variable to be used outside the excel application container then you can change the scope to higher container
In simple words: Global variables and private variables
Make variable global means accessible by all containers inside main container
Private means accessiblity can be given only to required containers

Hope you understood what scope means, Sorry I am not very good in explaining, still managed to give you something that might help you

Pavan H