Setting up the triggers to for multiple robots working out of a queue

What is the recommended way to set up the trigger(s) for multiple robots working out of the queue?

So if I have UiBotAccount01, UiBotAccount02, UiBotMachine01, UiBotMachine02, UiBotHostname01, UiBotHostname02 (and the machines are set up as template).

Do I make 1 trigger for any account to use any machine?

Or do I create two triggers, setting up one trigger with UiBotAccount01 to run on UiBotMachine01 with UiBotHostname01, and the 2nd trigger usingUiBotAccount02 to run on UiBotMachine02 with UiBotHostname02? (I assume this would cause both robots to start when a queue item is added).

Select the Account(s) and Machine(s) you want it to be able to select from, and then you control how many Jobs are executed by setting other values in the Queue Trigger properties.

I can suggest you can use one user in multiple machines.

Example 1: User 1 → Can run on both Machine 1 and Machine 2 at same time.

Thank you for the help! I appreciate you taking the time to help me figure this out. Looks like it’s either 1 user using multiple machines or all the users using any machine. Got it.

Think of it this way. Robots take the place of humans and log in with accounts just as humans would. And humans can log onto multiple machines with one account, or multiple accounts on one machine, but not the same account more than once on the same machine. Same for Robots.

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