Setting Up Orchestrator and Test Manager on premise


We are trying to set up Orchestrator and Test manager on our company’s VM server however we are facing the below issues :

  1. We have installed Orchestrator version 20.10.3 but we are unable to figure out how to make Orchestrator accessible over public IP. Right now, It is only accessible on the local machine, which means the user needs to connect to VM over RDP to access it. We want it to be accessible using a URL.

  2. UiPath Test manager is installed but we are unable to use it as after logging in the webpage will be stuck in a never-ending redirect loop.

We were provided with a link to explore - which we tried however still not working.

In one of the previous tickets it was advised to have a call, can you please set up a call to get this issue resolved.


Check the links below links which i have received from UiPath team, this is for v19.4.3 on premise setting, may hepls you.