Setting Up External Deployment For Storing The Libraries Using JFrog Cloud Artifactory

How to setup the external deployment for storing the libraries externally using the JFrog Cloud Artifactory?

The steps mentioned / followed is for setting up Cloud Artifactory,
  1. Sign up for the cloud and once it is done, try to access the cloud using the Url chosen while signing up
  2. Once tried accessing the Cloud Url it will ask to login, do a login with the credentials
  3. Once logged in click on the Quick Setup and then Nuget as shown in the screenshot
  1. Create new repository as shown below
  1. Provide a prefix for the repository and then click on create as shown below
  1. Now a screen like shown below is available and copy the details like source, username and password
  1. Once having those details, navigate to settings tab by clicking on the settings icon as shown below
  1. Navigate to User Management -----> settings under the user security configuration enable "Allow anonymous access" and click on save.
  2. Now login to Orchestrator tenant (host or tenants) as per the requirement then navigate to settings ----> Deployment -----> Libraries
  3. Change the Deployment from internal to external and then, provide the deployment URL which is nothing but the source in the details got from the above and under security (API Key) give the username and password in the format username:password and then save it.
  4. Once saved, try to navigate to libraries feed and now upload the libraries to the Artifactory from Orchestrator UI and they will be stored under that Artifactory.