Setting up an attended robot

I have an scenario for which I would like to explore the “Attended” robot functionality of UiPath. A user needs to process for approval a number of items assigned to them in a web application. The steps are straight forward and do not require any decision making.

In my reading of the UiPath robot guide my understanding of the deployment steps are as follows:

  • Install the UiPath Robot on the users workstation and connect the robot to the orchestrator server using an Attended robot license.
  • Deploy the process automation to the robot using the orchestrator.
  • The user logged onto the workstation would then we able to launch the automation when required from the system tray.

I have a question regarding the setup of the attended robot definition on the Orchestrator Server:

  • When creating the robot you must specify a Username. Do you need to create a dedicated Active Directory user account for the attended robot like you would for an Unattended robot?



Hey @david.spriggs

While setting up a robot or doing configuration of robot you have to define your system credentials of that machine for which you are configuring.

Side note:- if your machine is on a domain then use full domain username like domainname/username


Hey Aksh,

thanks for the speedy reply.

The specification of the machine name is not a problem. But do you need to create a dedicated Active Directory account for the attended robot (to enter in the domain\username field) or do you just specify the username of one of the users of the machine who will be using the robot?



Hey @david

Depend your will.
Either you can use your system credentials for the robot or Add the Windows password for the specified username to your Windows credentials manager.

Note:- If you register Studio as a Robot to Orchestrator but do not provide the correct credentials in the Username and Password fields, you cannot run processes.


Hi Askh

what do you mean by “system credentials”?



Just the username should be enough for Attended robot, since that robot type does not need to login.
Username is used to verify that the person starting it is allowed to do it.

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Thanks that makes sense, although the implication is that every user of a single machine where you would want to use an attended robot would need their own attended robot license. In our scenario a user does not have a defined desk so this may end up being an expensive solution.