Setting ENV variables in Orchestrator


In Gitlab, you have the ability to set environment variables in the CI/CD pipeline. Is there a similar way to do this in Orchestrator? I see that you can set assets, but I’m unsure if that is the same. The end goal is to set an ENV variable per environment (dev/test/prod) that can be placed securely via the orchestrator and not the automation itself.


Assets are for the same purpose…you can edit from orchestrator and bot would access these values

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Thanks for the quick response @Anil_G ! By setting it there, it’s not actually setting it as a system env variable is it? It’s just a variable you can access from Orchestrator. The reason why I ask is that I have a library that specifically looks for a windows system env in order to work.


Yes it sets the value in orchetsrator not in the system env variables…but if you want to set environment variable you have an activity for that…and the value for it can be controlled from assets

Similarly you have a get env variable as well



Thank you, that’s the answer I was looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

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