Setting a UiPath bot as a user in a BPMS, receiving and executing tasks

Hi all.

Has anyone tried or has any info on bots executing tasks sent to them by a BPM System, as if the bot was a normal user (not through any API integration)

I am thinking of the bot being a constantly logged in user. Updating and checking his tasks (that can be done in the taskbox of the BPM System, which is very similar in layout to Outlook Express, with folders on the left and on the right, instead of emails, you have the tasks in the order they arrive, or ordered by timeline, or importance.

The bot would have to refresh his BPMS Taskbox let’s say, from 5 to 5 minutes (usually it refreshes on it’s own), then always execute a task appearing on the top of his list, if any.

Of course, the bot would only receive tasks to which it is ALREADY prepared to execute To send a task to the bot will depend on the BPMN workflow, the bot probably having a lane of it’s own on any process, since it is so specialized unlike other employees.

Any info or indication on material about how to have the bot constantly checking for new tasks appearing in a list? (I suppose it might be similar to email workflow, where the bot awaits for a new email to start tasks?)