SetText replacing newline with spaces


Yes I can enter newlines (screenshot attaced) !.. This app is currently used by users by copying data from another application in this field and works fine … I am just trying to automate the same using UIpath

Ok found one solution…
I used “Type Into” with SetWindowsMessages = True in the properties… works well
But for the amount of data I am transferring, it is very slow.

“Set Text” doesnt have similar option as SetWindowsMessages or else it would have been ideal… still looking for perfect solution

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@Subeed_Ahmed Set Text activity is by default “Simulate” type. So the same cannot be done in that.

ok… so any other option? Type Into is too slow with the amount of 30-35 lines of text I have…

Ok… I guess Frugal solutions are best one :slight_smile:

It is clear that Set Text removes newline and there seems to be no way to control it… so here is what I can conclude:

Option#1 - Fastest

  1. Set Clipboard to copy data to clipboard
  2. Use Hotkey CTRL V to Text Area. Viola…cant be faster than this…

Option#2 - Slow

  1. Use Type Into option to write text
  2. Make sure to SetWindowsMessages =“True” or it wont work by default

Thanks @supermanPunch @Krishna_547


Thanks @Sugumar8785 @ArunVelaayudhanG

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