SetRangeColr_How to have cell range with variables

Main.xaml (12.0 KB) SetColorRange_testing.xlsx (9.5 KB)

I want to put yellow color in header row if the header cell contains text “Super”.

I use SetRangeColor acitivity and I don’t know how to put Range for the cell with column variable.
I attached my xml where I tried to convert column number to Alphabet, but when it is AA column i have error. Please help how to put range for the cell with variable.
Thank you!


Please check below thread for your reference.

How to set colour in particular cell in Excel - #15 by mohan2

Thanks a lot again. I put the reply in your link list not here ^ ^.
So thanks again. It works. then it is converting column number to alphabet.
I wanted to know if there was any other way instead of converting to alphabet.
Thanks for your prompt and good advice.

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