setAsset activity clears the description of existing asset

Simply put, setAsset activity clears the description of existing asset.
It should only change the value of an existing asset.


Hey @dennis.werner1

It’s working fine, like only changing the asset value.

Could you please explain a bit like what are you exactly trying to do which makes description empty?


@dennis.werner1 can you please share a sample workflow? This is not expected or designed to behave like this and I would like to understand how you run into this.

I manually entered a DESCIPTION in the description field.
After the RPA performs a setAsset, the asset VALUE is changed correctly, but the description is cleared as shown in Asset pic 1.

That happens for all assets that the RPA updates via setAsset.

The setAsset function does not have a setting/field to control that - or to allow the Description field to be entered/changed - as shown in Asset pic 2.
Asset pic 2




As @dennis.werner1 said, I also observed same thing. If we are trying to update any Asset value using Set Asset activity then value is getting changed but Description is cleared.

Can you please confirm the version you are using for credentials?

We use the 19.10 in kne of the production process and doesn’t seems it shows this behavior.

Asset pic 3

Take a backup of the project, downgrade the system package to the strict version and not a preview. Just to confirm is this preview has some bug.

Take backup as downgrading and upgrading often creates a problem, there’s backwards compatibility but forward compatibility not always works, this is also suggested by UiPath

Tested with the latest System package and could not replicate the issue.

I assume you meant the issue is resolved after the package update.

So that confirms there is a bug in that package that you were using.

I could not replicate the issue with 21.4 or 21.10. We did not change anything recently in this area so no fix here. Also please note I am using modern folders.

Please share a workflow where you can replicate the issue.

Sorry, the workflow is classified.
I’ve given sufficient info to reproduce the issue.
Lakshman has verified he saw the same issue.
Manually set the value of Description.
Perform setAsset in the automation.
Observe that the Description value is blanked out.
The VALUE is correctly set.
If it’s a package version issue, then that is what it is.
In the real world, if we find a package that works, we stick with it until there is a significant benefit that outweighs the cost of updating.
Updating a package generates those ugly red messages and removal of all the code that was in the impacted ares. Recovery is horribly expensive time-wise. Who can do that casually?
Look at setValue’s parameters in your own example. I see AssetName and Value. Do you see an Description parameter? That’s probably the source of the issue. We should see a 1:1 mapping of content.

@dennis.werner1 what Orchestrator version are you using? Something must be different. If you can create a sample workflow maybe we can replicate and fix the issue for you.

In general, upgrading (to a higher version) will not break your workflow. The scenario with the red messages happens when you move from version B to a lower version and some properties are missing.

There is no Description field for SetAsset activity. Only value can be modified with this activity.

[Laughed out loud at “In general, upgrading (to a higher version) will not break your workflow.” Because the OPPOSITE seems to be true. Just saying the word “update” puts fear into the hearts of developers.]
Using JUST the Orchestrator UI, when I click on the Help button, I see “v2021.4”
I’m sure it’s a packages issue. And you must be looking at / using a newer package set for setAsset.