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I have a problem, I’m extracting a query from excel and giving a replace to put the date but when trying to set this value on the web after replace it comes incomplete.

Follows excel value

and how it’s being put on the web

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Did we try like copy paste
That is pass the input string to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and then use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v so that looks the string passed to the clipboard will be pasted as it is

Cheers @Ryuan

unfortunately it is not being placed exactly as it is because I logged it and the log is right

I didn’t get this buddy
Kindly elaborate this pls
Cheers @Ryuan

I used the LOG MESSAGE activity and in it the value is correct

You might have have a problem with your ’ characters being converted or something, using log message will show it right but when you send it in as text variable it may be wrong…

exactly that, I found that I need to use utf-8 for my language

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