Set Transaction Status - Status/ErrorType as variable

It would be handy if Status/ErrorType propperties of Set Transaction Status activity can be set via variable like in case of Start Job activity



Fair suggestion, thank you :slight_smile:

There are quite a few places in activities where things are static pulldowns and we can’t use variables. Another example is Add Queue Item for the Priority property. So if your automation needs to create queue items with different priorities you end up having to use an If/Switch/Else-If and multiple different Add Queue Item activities.

If you add this to your tracker, it should just say “convert all activity hard-coded pulldowns to constants” like how “Close” works in Use Application/Browser so we can use variables and expressions in them.

Another great example - the QueueItemStates property of the GetQueueItems activity!

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You’ve actually gone backwards on this guys. I was going to say how its inconsistent how the ‘Add Transaction Item’ has two ways to add the Specific Content, either by passing a dictionary of string object or by using the ‘collection’ wizard thing to add each key value pair individually whereas the Set Transaction Status only gives you the wizard option for the output.

It appears in the revamped cards where the properties are now gone in version 22.10 you’ve nuked the option to pass a dictionary string, object to it, which is kind of gross. You need to put it back in and ideally fix the existing one and add it to Set Transaction Status.

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