Set Transaction Status of a QueueItem using Orchestrator API

Hi, is it possible to set transaction status of a QueueItem by using Orchestrator API? Like successful or exception. I could not find anything when I searched for this. I could only find this for transactions, /odata/QueueItems({Id})/UiPathODataSvc.SetTransactionProgress , and I think this is for a different purpose. I just started learning how to use the Orchestrator API, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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To change status of on-going transactions, you can use the endpoint POST ​/odata​/Queues({key})​/UiPathODataSvc.SetTransactionResult, which sets the result of the transaction given by the specified ID.
This ID can be retrieved from the endpoint GET​/odata​/QueueItems (for example, GET /odata/QueueItems?$filter=Status eq 'InProgress' would return transactions that are in progress) or via the Get Transaction Item activity, which returns a QueueItem object that has an Id property.

Note that the status can only be changed if the transaction started being processed, and trying to change the status of a New transaction gives an error This queue item has not been processed yet.
Although the endpoint POST​ /odata​/Queues​/UiPathODataSvc.StartTransaction is used to start transactions, it is meant to be used only by the robot, as it requires the field RobotIdentifier, which is internal to the robot.

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