Set Transaction Status Examples for Ouput

A couple of days ago I asked for some assistance and a couple of people were kind enough to try and help. However, I am still unable to find an example for using the

Add Transaction Item
Set Transaction Status

Then a Log Message or Message Box to successfully display the “Output” value.

Can anyone send me screen shots of those activities so I can figure out what I am doing wrong. I can see the Output Collection values in Orchestrator but when I attempt to display it, I first check as Clayton asked me, for “TheItem.Output is nothing” and it falls into that category.

Here is Orchestrator’s Details


Hi @MaryB2019

It would help if you could reference the other conversation in your first post.

I am also not sure what the issue is. As far as the two activities are concerned:
Add Transaction Item - it adds an item to the queue. You can later process this item by fetching it from that queue.
Set Transaction Status - you will want to use it after an item that was fetched from the queue was processed. You will want to set it to either Failed or Successful.