Set tick in SAP

Hi all,

please check my screenshot:


I have to tick the box in the row where “A851” is written.
Sometimes there are only two rows, sometimes six…
How can I make sure that always the box in the row with “A851” in the titel is selected?

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.


HI Markus

There are a few possibilities how to achieve this

  1. Use native SAP Filtering possibilities to get only relevant data on the screen

Select Filter, Select the right column

Search for A851

Then you know every time and to 100% that all you see on the screen contain A851

  1. The second solution would be to use UiPath capabilities to find out the right row/cell

From UiPath Automation Activity Pack 21.8 we are providing more information about the cell. Not only coordinates, as it was before lbl[5,2] but also full text and object type

Example here:

With the second approach, you can find the right row with help of UiPath selectors.

Best regards, Lev


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