Set text activity's options doesn't have Simulate type?

type into has Simulate type
but, set text doesn’t…

I’m korean so, when try to type into Some English no options, Result is Korean
therefore using Set text and type into( Message window options) is working

but i want to use set text(Simulate type) or type into(Message Window + Simulate type)
(options Message Window + Simulate type is forbidden in UiPath)
because i want to type something, not set up indicate screen.

is there some method or Alternatives?

I want to find what i want
help me plz

Hello @sssim4567

Simulate Type and Send Windows Message options are totally based on the field support.
Few application doesnt support these Input methods.

So in your case, is it supporting Hardware events and not working with Simulate and send Windows message?


i can’t use Simulate and send Windows

error message is : Main.xaml: Only one option can be set: simulate format and send window messages.

you cannot activate both these options at a time. So enable one at a time and check.


i use the free version
so i can’t use both options?

so Alternatives is need, if set text has Simulate, it is no problem…
is there package for me…

You cannot use both those input methods at a time. Either use Simluate type or Send Windows message.