Set Password for Word Documents

This is sample for How to set password protection for word document.ClientIDs.xlsx (8.0 KB)
Word.xaml (21.6 KB)

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I can’t open the word.xaml.
could you reupload again thanks

Install Word package through Manage packages. Then try to open it. Its working for me.

  1. Build and run the WordToXaml project - this should start Microsoft Word
  2. You should see a XAML Tab on the Microsoft Word Ribbon Interface
  3. Open any document in Microsoft Word
  4. Switch to the XAML Tab and select the appropriate options
  5. You can preview the WPF or Silverlight document directly from Word by pressing the Preview button
  6. Previewing the Silverlight XAML opens the XAML in a test Silverlight page running on the file system (You’ll need to approve the Silverlight plug-in here). You can then copy the XAML directly from there.
  7. From the File menu select Save & Send…XAML Document to save the XAML document to a file

Hi all,

Here is an activity called “Set Password” to the word.

Thank you