Set of Rules required for Workflow Analyzer


Please anyone share the custom set of best practices rules need to use in workflow analyzer.


Hi @Akhil_Raveendran

When it comes to beat practices …that varies for client to client or customer to customer but the following are basic and needed any where

  1. Variable and argument naming conventions
  2. Activity names to be customized and not to use default
  3. No hard coded values
  4. Xaml naming conventions
  5. Adding annotations for arguments

This is the basic and common across. The list goes on an is exhaustive on what others you need. Hope this gives a good atart point


In my organization I implemented 2 different set of rules: for developer (focused on errors and warnings in components) and one for architect (with additional rules for entire solution, informations and statistics). To quickly change the set of rules I built wizard:
Here are our configurations:

Configured rule set

Code Name Level Dev Arch
MA-DBP-028 Empty Use Outlook Account Activity Error x x
OS-NMG-001 Not Allowed Variable Name Error x x
OS-NMG-002 Not Allowed Argument Name Error x x
OS-NMG-003 Not Allowed Main Sequence Name Error x x
OS-NMG-004 Display Name Duplication Warning x
OS-DBP-001 Try Catch Exception Message Log Not Exists Error x x
OS-DBP-002 No Reference In Add Queue Item Error x x
OS-DBP-003 Ugly Selector Warning x x
OS-DBP-004 Argument With Default Value Warning x x
OS-DBP-005 Enabled AlterIfDisabled Option Warning x x
OS-DBP-006 Empty Workflow Argument Warning x x
OS-DBP-007 Hardcoded Dates Warning x x
OS-DBP-008 Hardcoded Paths Warning x x
OS-DBP-009 Hardcoded Emails Error x x
OS-INF-001 Comment Out Activity Info x
OS-INF-002 List Of Exceptions Info x
OS-INF-003 List Of Credentials Usage Info x
OS-REF-001 Project Name And Description Error x
OS-REF-002 Error x
OS-REF-003 Init Raise Alert Warning x
OS-REF-004 Try Catch In Set Transaction Status Error x
OS-REF-005 CloseAllApplication In Init Warning x
ST-ANA-003 Project Workflow Count Info x
ST-ANA-005 Check Project.json Exists Error x x
ST-ANA-006 Main Workflow Exists Error x
ST-ANA-009 File Activities Stats Info x
ST-DBP-002 High Argument Count Warning x
ST-DBP-007 Multiple Flowchart Layer Warning x
ST-DBP-021 Hardcoded Timeout Warning x x
ST-DBP-023 Empty Workflow Error x x
ST-DBP-024 Persistence Activities Check Error x x
ST-DBP-025 Variables Serialization Prerequisite Error x x
ST-DBP-026 Delay Activity Usage Error x x
ST-DBP-027 Persistent Best Practice Warning x x
ST-DBP-028 Arguments Serialization Prerequisite Error x x
ST-MRD-004 Unreachable Activities Error x
ST-MRD-005 Redundant Sequences Error x x
ST-MRD-007 Nested If Clauses Warning x
ST-MRD-009 Deeply Nested Activities Warning x
ST-NMG-005 Variable Overrides Variable Warning x x
ST-NMG-006 Variable Overrides Argument Error x x
ST-NMG-008 Variable Length Exceeded Warning x
ST-NMG-016 Argument Length Exceeded Warning x
ST-PRR-004 Hardcoded Delay Activity Warning x x
ST-REL-006 Infinite Loop Warning x x
ST-SEC-007 SecureString Argument Usage Error x
ST-SEC-008 SecureString Variable Usage Error x
ST-SEC-009 SecureString Misusage Warning x
ST-USG-005 Hardcoded Activity Properties Warning x x
ST-USG-009 Unused Variables Error x x
ST-USG-024 Unused saved for Later Error x x
ST-USG-025 Saved Value Misuse Error x x
UI-ANA-017 ContinueOnError True Info x
UI-ANA-018 List OCR/Image Activities Info x
UI-DBP-013 Excel Automation Misuse Error x x
UI-PRR-001 Simulate Click Warning x x
UI-PRR-002 Simulate Type Warning x x
UI-PRR-003 Open Application Misuse Warning x x
UI-PRR-004 Hardcoded Delays Warning x x
XL-DBP-027 Empty Use Excel File Activity Error x x
But as @Anil_G mentioned it should depends on client and organization. Also we have many rules (with ‘OS’ in code) which are specific for our organization and not available (custom rules generated in .NET)

Thank you for the help

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