Set Logging Level per Activity

That would be a good option to set logging level for every activity.

By default all the activities’ actions are logged on Trace level. For example if you use a sequence and you set the logging level to Trace on your orchestrator you will be able to see two logs for that sequence 1st is for it’s executing… and the 2nd it’s finish. But enabling the Trace level logging on the orchestrator will cause you have lots of logs that is very hard to analyse.

I imagine that we are able to set those log levels for any activity, as we want. So we can set trace level for each activity and it will be logged due to the selected option (Fatal, Error, Warning, Trace, Verbose) into orchestrator, it can be Trace by default.

This will give us the flexibility to enable for the critical activities and see their timings on higher level of logging (Information, Warning, Error, Fatal…) and also will increase productivity on development as we will not need to place Log Message activity in many cases and also workflow will look cleaner.


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I couldn’t find the duplicate entry for this idea anymore, so I added it to our ideas tracker for out team to have a look.