Set Local Profile As A UPM Profile

How to set the local profile as a UPM profile?

Issue Description: When Citrix UPM is trying to set up the profile due to the headless session, error "the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" is being thrown.

Current scenario: Post updating uipath.config as

  • The settings for upm profile handling is with value = 2 (delete local profile) to get the attached logs.
  • But trying it with profile handling = 1, only a default profile with no settings from UPM profile is obtained.

Resolution: When running Unattended Robot on an environment where user profile management( UPM) is set up, there are two steps in the login process,

  1. A headless session that is downloading the packages
  2. An interactive session where all the work is performed.

UPM has different behavior on Windows 10 and on the Windows 7 . Considering this, UiPath has a released a bug fixed patch at Robot 2019.10.6 patch .
An environment variable UIPATH_DISABLE_HEADLESS has been introduced to correct a behavior for situations where the user roaming profile gets deleted upon login/logout. The variable UIPATH_DISABLE_HEADLESS makes the package installation and process run happen in a single session.

Perform the below procedure to set the local profile as a UPM profile

  1. Update the Studio/Robot to 19.10.6 downloading the installer from
  2. Following the information from the release notes, create UIPATH_DISABLE_HEADLESS environment variable giving it any value (it can be 0, 1, or any other value different from null )
  3. Verify the local profile that gets set as a UPM profile .