Set Download folder in Chrome


I would like to know if there is an easy way to change the default download folder of Chrome.

I have to download many files so to not make the bot slow i would like chrome to download those file in the download folder. I also want this download folder to be chosen dynamically.

There is any easy way to set the default folder automatically on Chrome without going into “Settings”?

In our environment, we enable the function where Chrome always asks where files should be saved. Preventing the BOT Machine from keeping sensitive files in the Download folder.

With that, the Chrome window will always appear asking you to mark a path to save your file.

See if it helps you.

  1. Click the menu icon in Chrome and click Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click “Show advances settings…”
  3. Scroll to the Downloads section.
  4. Click the “Ask where to save each file before downloading” toggle

Thank you for the answer.

Yes, that’s a solution, but when you have to download many files the time to work that window will built up quickly, won’t it?
Probably would be faster to just change the default at start execution, in my case. That’s why i was looking for a rapid solution to change the default Download Folder

Right. I never did that, but it is apparently possible to change the file in the Chrome Folder:

Inside the Profile folder there is a “Preferences” file, with a JSON pattern and in the “last_directory” key there is a reference to the Downloads folder path.

The best way is the one I gave you initially, because by checking this on the BOT machine, you guarantee that everything you are downloading is what you really need. I think that one more window for you to interact is simpler and less risky than the solution that I pass you here.

If you are going to touch the file for testing, be careful not to corrupt it.

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Thank you very much, i will look into it.

I will leave a little bit more open the thread, but this could be a possible solution

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