Set Color to that Cell

How set the color to “Rework Percentage” If the value is greater than equal to 10…

Hi @Shubham_Akole,

Loop through the rows and use set color activity in UiPath

Hope it Works

But how…?

Hi @Shubham_Akole
Check these ,

SetRange Color Parameters ,

Please send this file with excel… (23.0 KB)

For better performance, create a macro and execute that macro from UiPath.

any Example…?

Additionally, you can use conditional formatting as well. In this case, excel will automatically gets updated without you doing any operation apart from writing the data.

To Use Macro,

i want to change 7 no. column what is changes

Just update the column alphabet like in the example C is my column in excel , so update accordingly

Hey Shubham ji,

I hope this demo will answer your question:

Hope this demo will work: