Set a limit until certain requirements are met

i have a page that unfortunately the data scraping tool doesn’t work on so the other option is the click text function which has no problem.

I want to click text in a list but sometimes if the list is too long then it will require to scroll down the list (page down button). How can I set up a sequence that will scroll down the page until the certain text is visible?

We can use RETRY SCOPE activity where in the condition we can use IMAGE EXISTS activity and choose that text as a image
And in the am upper part we can use SEND HOTKEY ACTIVITY with key as pgdn or down

Cheers @dvn

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If you know what value of the text you are going to click, you can modify the selector on HOVER activity. It will scroll down directly to the text that you need to perform action with.

Else, something like Palaniyappan suggest would work.

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